Social activity and the accumulation of social capital

How much a friends, acquaintances and business partners do you have?
How often and saturation of your contacts?
What is your popularity and the number of your followers?
How strong is your influence in society?
What is the size of your social capital?

    Social capital is an important part of human life, and often it determines success in life and career, ensures a stability and a comfortable life.
Creation of your social capital is labor-intensive but necessary work. Expanding social networks, increasing the circle of acquaintances, a man acquires new knowledge and new opportunities.
    An important factor in social capital is how to build cooperation with successful people and how to communicate with the defense of limitation of luckless people. With the proper interaction of building social capital plays an important role and the credibility of its success depends on the level of social relations in society.
    The high level of public mutual trust, cooperation, communication, mutual understanding - all these makes the social capital of the community, and the better it is developed, the more successful a community is able to achieve..


    Social capital is a public resource, conducive to investment and trade, contribute to solving various social problems. Social capital is disseminates information, strengthens trust between business partners, makes an individual's reputation within the public domain, mobilizing some resources for community projects, supports charity and other forms of altruism.
    Collective actions are contribute to social networks - they are necessary for the exchange of information and agreements between the parties. The second important thing is a prosocial behaviors that reflect not just personal, but also the public interest. In this case, cooperation for the common good is not contrary to the principle of personal expediency. Finally, social trust between the parties is requires for the successful cooperation. Networks, norms and trust are constitute the "triad of social capital" which is consistent with its definition. All elements of the triad are connected to each other: the network build confidence between the parties and contribute to the spread and consolidation of pro-social norms and shared values ​​and mutual trust, and expanded social networking contacts.

Where is justice and equality - there is trust

   Scientists have proposed a reasonable regulatory framework which considers the social trust. The concept implies that the impact on the confidence of moral norms, values and attitudes that are dependent on culture. People in this case have an optimistic view of human nature, which is metabolized in early youth through socialization and morality. This concept describes the state when (in addition to the rational calculations of reliability) people are not just trust others, but behave openly to the people as a whole and become their honesty and kindness in response. For this concept uses the term "moralistic trust" - a prescription to treat people as if they were reliable.


There is a correlation between social trust and the scale of human values.

Cross-cultural value space is defined by two axes (the desire for change - conservatism, altruism - egoism) and has a circular structure. In the space of these axes are located 10 basic value orientations:

independence - creativity, freedom;
Stimulation - variety, novelty, exciting life;
hedonism - pleasure, sensual satisfaction, enjoyment;
Achievement - personal success, ambition;
power - the social status and prestige, wealth;
Security - the stability of society and relationships, the social order;
tradition - respect, commitment to the customs and ideas of traditional culture and religion;
obedience - restrict actions which may to damage, submission standards;
goodwill - ready to assist;
universalism - understanding, respect, tolerance, the protection of the welfare of all people and nature, social justice and equality.

This space is universal, and within it can be compared to any culture, as the basic values of different cultures resemble each other.

   The main characteristic of social capital is a social exchange in society through mutual trust, by means of moral norms and human values. As far as we are interrelated, how we are interact, whether we are agree - these are the main criteria of social capital. When local communities are connected to each other, their integration takes place, the exchange of experiences, services, etc. - creating an effective networking and the accumulation of social capital. Like other forms of capital, social capital, pay dividends only if its active use.


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