Maya Group Company together with a blog are starting a new contest!

Conditions of competition are very simple: make a beautiful Landing Page for Superzarabotki blog using LandingJazz - a new service from the Maya Group company.

       So, what you should to do:

    • Post a link to your new Landing Page in the comments to this article about competition and your login in Maya Group!
    • You need to create your landing in «create landing» page, and to publish your landing and get a link, you need to create a domain in section «my domains» and link to the created landing page.

The competition lasts until 30 November 2016 inclusive. On 1th December winners will be announced and awarded.

Our prizes are await the 5 winners:

1 place : 150 €
2 place : 100 €
3 place : 75 €
4 place : 50 €
5 place : 30 €

All other participants that will create a full working landing page, but not win in the competition, will recive an incentive prize: 5€.

All prizes will be awarded to Maya Group internal balance, which can be withdrawed or spent on services, at your discretion.

Also, all participants at the end of the contest, will recieve monthly subscription for the first payment plan in the Landing Jazz. At the same time, the competition, we have activated a monthly subscription for all users of Maya Group.

For more information about the conditions of the competition, you can read the article about the contest on the blog ( ) Good luck!