MAYA Shares - this is a crypto-currency token, created using Blockchain technology, based on the Ethereum crypto-currency:

MAYA Shares is an ERC20-TOKEN (Smart contract). Smart contract is a computer algorithm designed to conclude and maintain a commercial contracts with Blockchain technology.
Initial release: 100,000 Maya Shares coins (MSH)

Initial distribution of coins:

Wallet #1 - 40,000 MSH (0xbe549486c5c0635df1dd04a69e44bb43457000d3)
Backup storage for the Maya Shares creators.

Wallet #2 - 40,000 MSH (0x4f44cbb45a30fcb69a43c1ccb2bf36be53c14566)
From this wallet every day at 00:00 a transaction will be sent to the active wallet of the Maya Group project with the amount of PoS-reward for all holders of shares. The profit of PoS is charged only to those who keep their MSH on the active balance in Maya Group's projects.

Wallet #3 - 15,000 MSH (0xda175159f53977422f14d03224182ae3ac230f18)
Cold wallet of the Maya Group project. This wallet stores the bulk of the Maya Shares of users.

Wallet #4 - 5,000 MSH (0x3cd646e32b5add774ddb87c2121fb2f75a574435)
The active wallet of the Maya Group project. On this wallet there are operations for top up users' MSH balances, withdrawals users' MSH balances, and daily at 00:00 from the PoS wallet comes a PoS-reward for all MSH holders. Minimum amount for deposit or withdraw is 1 MSH.

  Maya Shares - this is the internal currency of the Maya community, with which you can pay for various services in the Maya Group's projects. You can buy Maya Shares from other users on the MAYA exchange. The current Maya Shares to Euro exchange rate is taken depending on the current trading of users on the exchange (the price of the last successful transaction). To the trades on the exchange are allowed users who have the MAYA Shares on their balances, or have ever deposited their EUR balance with any payment systems available to deposits. The minimum buy or sale amount is 0.01 MSH.

  Maya Shares holders receive a daily reward, now with PoS method (proof of stake). That is, PoS-reward are accrued to users who hold and do not sell their shares, thereby creating a limited asset, which has a positive effect on its value. Charging of PoS reward to MAYA Share holders occurs daily at 00:00 CET on the active MSH balance. A fixed percentage is charged of the active MSH balance amount (active shares that are not on orders). Profit is also charged in MAYA Shares (MSH). You must have at least 1 MSH on the active MSH balance to receive a reward.
  The daily percentage of PoS reward is fixed according to the number of MAYA Shares on a PoS wallett 0x4f44cbb45a30fcb69a43c1ccb2bf36be53c14566.
  Current percentage of daily profit - 0.05%.

Profit fixing graph for MAYA Shares
Current percentage of daily profit: 0.05%
Current MSH number on a PoS wallet: 14852.748813731498 MSH
Profit calculation graph for MAYA Shares