Investments — equity investments with in order to profit.
  Online startup   — a small recently created company, whose activities are associated with any innovative technology on the Internet. Most often it is any service that provides its users some unique services and is in the stage of development or research of promising markets.
   Maya Group company is engaged in the creation of online startups, fully controllinng all the stages of their development:
   ✓ financing
   ✓ choosing of unique ideas and the formation of marketing
   ✓ development and testing of the software
   ✓ launch and promotion
   ✓ profit-making

   At the initial stage of development of the company's services, there was enough a seed investment. But, nevertheless, the company had enough of these funds to launch two services on the market in 2015, and also start the development of the third one.
   Seed investment — the first stage of raising funds, where founders, their relatives or friends, become first investors of startup.
   A Maya Group services are specialize in such areas as:
   ✓ SMM (promotion and advertising in social networks)
   ✓ Promotion and earnings on the Internet
   ✓ Publish and distribute content
   ✓ Promotion of a brand, a product, a company
   ✓ SEO (search optimization)

  In most of these services, an interaction between the advertiser and the executor, the means of payment is the internal currency, so-called "coins". Usually these coins are not provided with anything, their release is not controlled in any way and they quickly lose their value. Therefore, over time, the advertiser have to constantly raise the reward in order to get the desired result. Maya Group took into account the mistakes of its predecessors and realized payments in its services for the real currency - Euro, which allows the advertiser to always get the desired result even at the lowest price.

  Later, the company had the idea to create an internal currency to pay for services, which will have real security, its total will be known and limited. And it was decided to create a crypto-currency token using Blockchain technology. Therefore, beginning in 2016, Maya Group launched a new stage of development - crowd investing, the so-called "folk investment". At this stage, there was an additional attraction of funds in the form of pre-sale of the future Maya Shares tokens. Any user of Maya Group services had the opportunity to buy Maya Shares at a fixed price and receive a daily profit on these shares. The pre-sale of the future token took place in 4 stages and for 2016-2017 the company produced and sold to users 20,000 of Maya Shares, as well as during this time the holders of shares were credited with about 110% of the profits.
   Equity crowdfunding — an alternative financial tool to raise capital in start-ups and small businesses from a wide range micro-investors. Equity crowdfunding - a joint national investment. In fact, it is seed micro-finance, but not produced by business angels, but ordinary people.

  At the end of 2017, Maya Group completed the pre-sale phase of the future token and provided its users the opportunity to use Maya Shares as a full-fledged internal currency for payment in the company's services. At the same time, work was completed on the creation of a crypto-currency token using Blockchain technology, based on the Ethereum crypto-currency.

  Maya Group also launched a full-fledged trade exchange in MSH/EUR pair. The current Maya Shares to Euro exchange rate is taken depending on the current trading of users on the exchange (the price of the last successful transaction).   The minimum buy or sale amount is 0.01 MSH

MAYA Shares - this is a crypto-currency token, created using Blockchain technology, based on the Ethereum crypto-currency:

MAYA Shares is an ERC20-TOKEN (Smart contract). Smart contract is a computer algorithm designed to conclude and maintain a commercial contracts with Blockchain technology.
Initial release: 100,000 Maya Shares coins (MSH)

Initial distribution of coins:

Wallet #1 - 40,000 MSH (0xbe549486c5c0635df1dd04a69e44bb43457000d3)
Backup storage for the Maya Shares creators.

Wallet #2 - 40,000 MSH (0x4f44cbb45a30fcb69a43c1ccb2bf36be53c14566)
From this wallet every day at 00:00 a transaction will be sent to the active wallet of the Maya Group project with the amount of profit for all holders of shares. The profit of PoS is charged only to those who keep their MSH on the active balance in Maya Group's projects.

Wallet #3 - 15,000 MSH (0xda175159f53977422f14d03224182ae3ac230f18)
Cold wallet of the Maya Group project. This wallet stores the bulk of the Maya Shares of users.

Wallet #4 - 5,000 MSH (0x3cd646e32b5add774ddb87c2121fb2f75a574435)
The active wallet of the Maya Group project. On this wallet there are operations for top up users' MSH balances, withdrawals users' MSH balances, and daily at 00:00 from the PoS wallet comes a profit for all MSH holders. Minimum amount for deposit or withdraw is 1 MSH.

  Maya Shares holders receive a daily profit, now with PoS method (proof of stake). That is, profits are accrued to users who hold and do not sell their shares, thereby creating a limited asset, which has a positive effect on its value. Charging profits to MAYA Share holders occurs daily at 00:00 CET on the active MSH balance. A fixed percentage is charged of the active MSH balance amount (active shares that are not on orders). Profit is also charged in MAYA Shares (MSH). You must have at least 1 MSH on the active MSH balance to receive profit.
  The daily percentage of profits is fixed according to the number of MAYA Shares on a PoS wallet 0x4f44cbb45a30fcb69a43c1ccb2bf36be53c14566.
  Current percentage of daily profit - 0.12%.

Profit fixing graph for MAYA Shares
Current percentage of daily profit: 0.12%
Current MSH number on a PoS wallet: 30981.16583027581 MSH
Profit calculation graph for MAYA Shares